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Telemetry systems for electrical trace heating for data & alarm monitoring

The “CROSS” telemetry control panel, Teletrace-08w

Introducing the new “Teletrace-08w” Telemetry control panel, designed and built exclusively for Cross Electrical (Nottingham) Ltd, to control and monitor existing and new Electrical Trace heating systems.

The control panel combines the latest technology from Siemens, and the LOGO! 8 Logic Module. This new module accommodates virtually every demand of our customers.

A very impressive addition to our product range actually replaces the ‘old mechanical temperature control thermostat’.

The monitoring components and surface temperature sensor are enclosed within the IP65 rated XCM/S1000 junction box.

This junction box is mounted at the ‘old thermostat’ location.

The existing mains supply and trace heating circuit is re-terminated into the new junction box - XCM/S1000.

Control cabling is then installed from the XCM/S1000 JB to the “Teletrace-08w” control panel.

From there, all ‘real time data’, temperature control and monitoring signals are relayed back to the Text display panel.

The clients Trace Heating systems are now ‘tamper free’ out in the field, and you have full control of each circuit from the ‘Text Display Panel’, this simple user interface can be mounted at your preferred location.

From the ‘Text Display Panel’ you can view and set:-

  • The control temperature of each trace heating circuit
  • View the actual pipe temperature
  • High and low temp’ set points are displayed with alarms set
  • Alarm monitoring of ‘Supply healthy’(should the mains supply be interrupted to the trace heating circuit, an alarm is displayed on the panel for immediate action)
  • Alarm monitoring of ‘Open Circuit’ ( should the trace heating circuit go ‘open circuit’ with no earth fault and the electrical protection device still healthy, again an alarm is displayed on the panel for immediate action).
  • All alarms programmed for SMS messaging to your designated point of contact or contacts 24/7.
  • No requirement for annual tests as you have full control and ‘real time’ data of each circuit at the touch of a button!
Telemetry Systems

The CROSS Teletrace-08w telemetry control panel is immensely flexible due to the Siemens LOGO! 8 Logic Module. This new module accommodates virtually every demand of customers and is able to provide real-time data from any plant or machinery on an industrial site: -

This new module is able to provide ‘real time data’ from any plant or machinery on an industrial site:-

  • Temperature readings
  • Humidity readings
  • Material product levels
  • Water levels
  • Monitor and control whilst on the go
  • Monitor and control via an integrated web server

Simply ingenious, simply more

Cross Electrical Ltd Controllers Of Temperature! Give Cross A Call On +44 0115 937 5121 today!


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Cross Electrical (Nottingham) Ltd sits proudly in first position in Cemex league table for installation, finish, attention to health and safety, commitment to work and reliability.

Cemex, Sheffield

Cross-Electrical's part has been a success and it did exactly what you said it would do and it looks a good job so well done and thank you!

Cemex, Wickwar

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