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Frost Protection

Frost Protection

Frozen Pipe Solutions

We all know of the damage frozen pipes can cause in domestic houses after a particularly cold period when the temperature drops below freezing, which, due to global changes in the seasons, is happening much more regularly these days.

The same problem is very much a factor in industrial and commercial environments, and it is not the actual freezing of the pipe work that causes the, often, expensive leaks, it’s when the pipes thaw and the splits or cracks become apparent, that the realisation raises its ugly head and the water causes the widespread damage.

The solution is to install ‘Cross’ Electrical Self-Regulating Heating cables (XEL), which will give you a totally reliable answer to the problems caused by the freezing conditions.

Self-Regulating Heating Cable – XEL Range

Our XEL range of robust Self-Regulating Heating Cable are designed for freeze protection of both plastic, metal pipes and vessels, with a maximum exposure temperature of 80°C (de-energized) and a minimum installation temperature of -20°C.

XEL heating cables can also be used for temperature maintenance processes up to 30°C, and are certified for use in hazardous area applications.

  • Energy Efficient – Self-regulating trace heating cable automatically adjusts its output according to the ambient conditions therefore reducing power consumption
  • Safe – Cannot overheat due to self-regulating properties.
  • Maintenance Free – Fit and forget trace heating systems

‘Cross’ Electrical have a wide range of trace heating cables to suit a variety of frost protection applications. This also includes our own XSSTC, XHP, XSW and XSWE heating cables that can be designed for many winterisation projects.

Trace Heating Freeze Protection Applications:

  • Water Pipes
  • Building services pipework
  • Fire mains & hoses
  • Fire Sprinkler pipework
  • Fire mains & hoses
  • Fuel oil pipework
  • Tanks and Vessels

Thermal Insulation

The pipework must be fitted with trace heating cable and thermal insulation to retain the heat output of the cables and provide an effective barrier against freezing temperatures.

The type and thickness of the thermal insulation is a very important factor of any trace heating design and installation.

Remember last winter?

Frost protection - household trace heating

Due to the particular cold period last winter, trace heating has now become a requirement in many homes.

Central heating condensate pipes were a particular problem last winter: condensate pipes ran externally from the boiler froze outside causing the boilers to shut down.

Also remember water pipes to outside bib taps, outbuildings, garages, once trace heated and thermally insulated these vulnerable pipes will never freeze again.

Trace heating and thermally insulating these pipes for future winter periods will solve this problem.

Frozen Pipe Solutions
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Can you please pass on our thanks to Martyn and his team for the excellent work that they have done for us this weekend. Despite challenging weather conditions they managed to complete the planned works in good time. We have test run the dryer this afternoon and all is good. Many thanks. Paul Taylor

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Impressed with attention to detail and management of a project straight through to the end, excellent approach with health and safety on Site, excellent documentation and follow up. Regards Iain Pieroway

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Very pleased collectively and finding Cross Electrical (Nottingham) Ltd flexible and approachable with a difficult project that required a quick turn-around. Regards Geoff Marshall


Managed and developed a project with complete resolution, delivered - following long hours, updates and accommodating the client requirements to an end solution. Rafael Taylor


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